Watch Superbowl

Watch Superbowl
Watch Superbowl

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can I Watch Superbowl Online? - - YES!

A lot of people ask, "Can I watch superbowl online?... it is even possible?"

The answer is a resounding, YES!! Of course.

Watch Superbowl online right now!

Listen, there are a lot of people out there that will tell you that you can't watch the Superbowl online. They'll tell you that NBC owns the rights to televise the Big Game.

And they're correct. That part is true! As usual, some fat-cat BIG business like NBC comes in and just straight out BUYS the Superbowl. Shit, I didn't even know that crap was possible!

Anyway, so yeah, they bought Superbowl and now own the exclusive rights to televise it. But what they don't tell you is that you CAN watch the Superbowl online. They're just misconcieving the question. They think you want to watch the Superbowl like you always do.

If you watch NBC on a television you have to watch commercials. This allows us to be able to watch TV "for free", so-to-speak. Some would argue that you need a TV to watch television rendering it a costly experience... by I digress.

Listen, you CAN watch the superbowl online for free on a TV, but if you want to watch it online is isn't free anymore. Bullshit, I know, right?! "Sad but true" - Metallica.

Well, the truth is that we demand more from technology than what is currently available. Technology is flying into the future, no doubt about that! It's nuts! Heck, we live in the ONLINE VIDEO age, you know.

Watch the Superbowl online in high definition!

And, heck - who wouldn't pay for over 3500+ channels? You can watch whenever you want and wherever you want...

The cost: One-time fee. No monthly charges. No subscription fees. No set-up fees. Face value 49 bucks and you're out the door. (Or in this case, Watching the Superbowl Online.)

If you're anything like me then you know how busy life can be. Sometimes we can't even catch the super bowl online, but the opportunity to watch the super bowl online you could squeeze it in. Heck, while you're sitting right there in front of your computer RIGHT NOW, you could have the superbowl playing the background of your own software.

It doesn't matter how the dice fall, the advantages of watching TV on your PC are outstanding. Therefore, people are getting the software in droves that allow them to not only watch the superbowl live online, they can watch over 3500+ channels wherever they want and whenever they want with ZERO monthly fees.

It's here! American football fans like us are going ape shit over the exclusive software which allows us to watch superbowl online.

And the best it is, you can also have access to the entire NFL network online! Over 3500+ channels.

I don't know how they did it, but the creator of this software discovered a piece of technology that allows us to TV on our computers at almost zero cost. I mean, it used to cost hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) along with bulky hardware you half to carry around. Not only that, but it used to take hours and hours just to load a video. Do you remember those days? They weren't that long ago, maybe 7-10 years.

Today, all you need is a computer and high-speed connection. A quick 3-minute download of the software and you're on they playing with with live sports on your computer. No wires to plug in. No bulky hardware to carry around. Watch Superbowl with no hassles.

Why pay $90 for a cable or satellite subscription when you can have over 3500+ channels with ZERO monthly fees. That's right NO monthly subscription fees.